Paradox Paintings


My full body of work is hosted here on the website, along with information on setting up a studio tour or contacting me directly. To purchase any of my work online, these are the galleries where you can find me. Check back regularly as I am continually adding new work.

Gallery Site(s)
Gum Road


As a native of the Adirondack Mountain Region, my career as an artist has been molded by an unusually rural upbringing and access to the natural resources of upstate New York. Throughout my life I have been drawn towards the exploration of primordial environments. Through continual inquiry and engagement with wilderness –as site, as concept, and above all as experience—I have adopted painting as a means through which to engage in the non-sentient, as a device for seeking the objective access of structure and growth beyond human influence.

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Phone: (518) 524-6441